Cheddar: Online Financial Eductation for Kids
Cheddar: Online Financial Eductation for Kids
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About The Cheddar Project

I have always been a firm believer that financial responsibility should be taught from an early age. Without a good understanding of the value of money we are unable to make solid life choices. I see this every day among family, friends and the people around me, as well as in my own life. The earlier we learn how to make good financial decisions the farther ahead of the curve we’ll be in life. Granted money can’t buy happiness however the knowledge of the proper use of money can certainly buy security and peace of mind. When I was contacted by Huy Nguyen, founder of Cheddar and longtime friend and colleague in Silicon Valley, to be a part of the Cheddar Team I didn’t have to think twice, my first thought was “WOW this is what we’ve needed for a very long time.”

Cheddar is a new kid centric online application, soon to be released on IOS and Android devices, where parents can help impart the value of money with their kids in a fun interactive environment by allocating a credit allowance based on chores and/or rewards for achievements. The credit based allowance can then be spent on merchandise in the Amazon catalog filtered based on age. Kids can add items to his or her shopping cart and then submit to the parent for approval and purchase. Cheddar also has an activities tracking system to show exactly the items purchased and money spent to help reinforce the value of that money and the decisions made. I believe those who actively use and engage their kids with Cheddar will be the game changers for future generations. The more people capable of making intelligent financial decisions in both their lives and business make this world a better place for everyone.

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